Natural Baby Skin Care- Eczema Treatment


100% natural ingredient combination to help aid in the treatment of eczema – these two products work effectively to ease uncomfortable itchiness, dryness and inflammation associated with eczema.

1. Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder offers immediate comfort – soothes irritated, inflamed skins this unique bath powder helps purify, calm and soothe the most delicate skins.

2. Super Smoothie Cream relieves skin – with gentle anti-inflammatory, purifying, moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

*This combination used together not only soothes but also promotes healing for extremely irritable skin conditions.

Steps to alleviate eczema:

First, add 1-3 tablespoons of the Milk & Oatmeal Powder to a lukewarm bath, allow the eczema sufferer to soak in the milky white water for a good 15 minutes. Follow-up with lightly towelling off and finish with a delicate application of the Super Smoothie Cream by warming the cream between your fingertips and then gently apply to the areas of concern.

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  • "I started using the Milk & Oatmeal bath along with the body wash and Super Smoothie Cream on my son and it cleared up his eczema within a week! We don't need to use our humidifier anymore either. I love your products :)" Rose 
  • "I love the super smoothie cream and the milk oatmeal bath. My daughter has sensitive skin and eczema and these have really helped." Sabrina
  •  "My favourite product is the milk and oatmeal bath powder. My daughter has eczema in winter and dry skin all year. This really helps soothe and smooth The super smoothie cream is fantastic too!" Misty 

  • "Love it! My lil boy has bad eczema Dr prescribed cortisone cream. Didn't work, I used super smoothie lotion with the powder bath... And it's completely gone! Thanks so much"  Angela;)


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