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"Thanking you for this wonderful super smoothie cream, that I have been using for years as my only face cream. I want to tell you that I did break down and try Costco's special aloe "miracle" moisture cream...and it didn’t stand even close to your amazing product...watery, loose, and disappeared on skin quickly, with no trace of being there...the sales hype was the selling point ...end of story on that!  Your super smoothie cream is thick, rich and so clean...after all these years is remained not changed. I am so sensitive to chemicals and fragrances, super smoothie has never caused a reaction on my skin or eyes, and my skin remains looking much younger than my age. (64now...yikes.much love to you all", Lori

"I just wanted to let you know that I love Tawna’s story and love her products. At first, I was hesitant to purchase the products as they were more expensive than most conventional brands. Soon after my little bundle arrived, however, and I noticed a bad reaction to a “baby” lotion. I knew it was up to me to do my due diligence and find out what exactly I am slathering on my baby’s skin. I picked up some oatmeal for his bath, and some super smoothie cream. Aside from the fact that these products smell absolutely wonderful and I have actually used them on myself as I just can’t help myself, they work so well. My baby’s skin is always soft, supple, and exactly as it should be. I am so happy with the products, that I have purchased the changing mist and the cradle cap oil. I am looking forward to trying these products out. I am also happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a healthier and superior product for their baby."

Here is a link to my review:
All the best,
Marta Orellana

Super Smoothie Cream referred to as "Magic" & Baby Approved!

"I swear the super smoothie cream is magic- we have managed to get rid of all his dry skin from being 10 days overdue and have cleared up some rashes on his legs from getting used to diapers! Love your products- definitely Baby approved." Leah - May 2015 

An Online Chat Board - Member Recommends THB Super Smoothie Cream for Eczema


We asked our Facebook Friends what their favourite THB product is and why ? — Here's what they told us:

Carla Lowdon Milk oatmeal bath!!!! Best ever for my sons sensitive skin. 

Misty Usipiuk My favourite product is the milk and oatmeal bath powder. My daughter has eczema in winter and dry skin all year. This really helps soothe and smooth The super smoothie cream is fantastic too!

Kate Schroeder I third the Milk Oatmeal Bath! Love it for my new babe 

Kayla Steyvers Smoothie cream!! Helped immensely with my baby's eczema

Justine Ryan Love the hydra mist changing spray nothing else like it on the market, smells great and is refreshing for my newborns sensitive skin

Cindy Bangal I love love love LOVE the milk oatmeal bath... It has been a such a game changer for us, no more prescribed harmful cream for our son.. It's just so awesome and natural.. Thank you 

Amanda Huot Super Smoothie Cream! My son and I both use it

Delores Tan Thai Smoothie cream of course. Helps with my girls dry skin and occasional flare ups. The hydra mist changing spray is great also as a quick moisturizer and "pick me up smell" for mommy!

Erin McGill Super smoothie cream!!!!Super smoothie cream is the best because it clears up my sons dry rashy itchy skin and smells great!

Sabrina Scholten I haven't tried the hydra mist changing spray yet. I love the super smoothie cream and the milk oatmeal bath. I never knew about your products till I met James at my husbands Christmas party this past year. My daughter has sensitive skin and eczema and these have really helped. I will be trying more of your products in the future. 

Marcie Knox I love the milk oatmeal bath. Helps with her dry skin.  

Meghan James We love the Super smoothie cream for our little guy! So easy to apply, and really helps with eczema! 

Kristin Garner Blondal Super smoothie cream is our favourite. It smells wonderful and goes on nice and smooth. I also love the baby wash. Great natural scent.

Jennifer Kutney My son suffered near 3rd degree burns last month from falling into the glass fireplace 3 hours after it had been turned off. They removed all of the skin over the course of a month off his palm and fingers. We heavily used your milk oatmeal bath and will continue to do so as his new skin is very vulnerable right now and needs the best products possible. Thanks so much for your wonderful products, so glad I found them!

Super Smoothie Cream a Mother's Testimonial with Before & After photos taken of her baby with eczema & red irritable skin  

 “Pictures of baby Raiden before using the cream and after. 

Within one week of using the cream his face cleared right up and
still remains this way today. We use it once most days and it makes our
little guy look good and smell delicious. Even Raiden tries to lick the
cream as I apply it on his face cuz it smells so great!

Thank you for recommending this super amazing cream!!!

We love it!! Even I use it on my face when I see something popping up and
it's clear by the next day.”

~Sheila Recuenco

Baby Raiden Before Super Smoothie Cream                           Baby Raiden After Just 1 week of using the Super Smoothie Cream 


Hydra-Mist Changing Spray Reviewed in Glimpse - a peek at Canadian products & businesses

Posted by Victoria Wollf - May 24, 2014

Tawna Hill Baby Review

One commitment our family has made is to keep our household as chemical free as possible. For us, it makes sense, our house feels better and my health drastically improves the less chemicals we have in our space. It's a win-win. It's also encouraging to know that there are quality Canadian businesses like Tawna Hill Baby to help make keeping our commitment easier.

Tawna Hill Baby is committed to bringing safe and luxurious baby and skin care products into the home.Following a health scare while pregnant with her daughter, Tawna Hill began her journey to provide products that were healthy and effective for the whole family.

All of Tawna Hill Baby's products are toxin free, paraben free, and carcinogen free using natural ingredients and essential oils to craft their products.

For this review, I was sent a sample of Tawna Hill Baby’s Hydra-Mist Changing Spray. Although with cloth wipes you can use any combination with water, soap, or spray because of the rashes my son gets while teething I really appreciate having a spray that helps soothe and heal as well as clean.

One of the things I really loved about this spray is the fact that I recognized (and could pronounce) all of the ingredients that I was using on my son! Natural ingredients such as lavender, tea tree, rosemary, and roman chamomile are just some of the easily recognized ingredients found in the hydra-mist formula.
I was impressed at how well this combination worked for our little guy and even though we’re still in the middle of teething his rash is non-existent. This has been a huge help as other sprays we've tried in the past have done a basic job but have never made an impact on his rashes. Additionally, the hydra-mist spray has also proven to be a great body mist for myself when it's not in the nursery. The scent isn't too heavy and reminds me a bit of a warm summer day with my neighbour's garden. This has been a fun, unexpected bonus as I'm allergic to most chemical scents and haven't been able to uses mists before now.

I also appreciated Tawna Hill Baby’s ingredient page. Tawna Hill Baby provides an informational page for curious parents to see not only what is in the product (in nice, readable font) but what function each ingredient is used to fulfill.

I really appreciated the open, honest communication from Tawna Hill with their products, especially on this page. It's one thing to read a list of ingredients, it's another to be told why they are there.

At 16.50 for 120ml bottle, the Hydra-Mist Spray is on par with most of it's competition for price but a much higher quality than I've found at my local haunts. If you are in the market for natural baby care products, Tawna Hill Baby is a premium Canadian option to explore!

Products are available for purchase on the Tawna Hill Baby website.

Clean Living Baby: A few of my favorite Canadian things

Article By Jessica McIntosh - Thursday, January 30, 2014 

• Tawna Hill Baby.

While Tawna Hill Baby products are on the pricier end, I have found myself turning to them when I need a solution that really works. This company’s focus is on ingredients that are completely natural and free of carcinogens. I have used their products to remove a nasty case of cradle cap and have recently been enjoying the handy (and wonderful smelling) changing spray

Hi there!! Always buying your products! 

Love it! My lil boy has bad eczema Dr prescribed cortisone cream. Didn't work, I used super smoothie lotion with the powder bath.. And it's completely gone! 

Thanks so much,

Monday Must Haves: the beauty edit (for me, and the littles) 

By marissa LADY & PRINCE in tips & treats - Mar 11, 2014

tawna hill baby – milk and oatmeal bath powder – hayden has eczema and we always have to be really careful about what we use on his skin… because by the way, aquaphor does NOT solve every problem! i really like this bath powder from tawna hill baby, it helps to purify, calm and soothe the most delicate of skins. Helps to relieve rashes, eczema, and irritated areas.  

Tawna Hill Eczema Treatment Care Reviewed from Tales From A Southern Mom

by Julie Beveridge - JAN 09/14

Tawna Hill Baby. A remarkable mom and a remarkable product!
Infant/Toddler, Kids, Reviews, Saving Money by Julie

Tales from a Southern Mom had the privilege of working with and reviewing Tawna Hill baby products. Ever since our 2 yr old was born she has had bad dry skin, which was finally diagnosed as eczema. We have tried every kind of eczema treatment we could find in the stores and they worked, but not well enough. None have made her itch free. It is hard to watch a little baby suffer with itching and being miserable, with the doctors wanting to put them on steroids, and it makes you feel like you are really caught between a rock and a hard place. Enter Tawna Hill, she is a mom who has an amazing story of her own; she survived cancer and when she did she also decided that she was going to make skin products for her daughter that were safe and had no toxins or cancer causing properties, and the result has been amazing.


The Super Smoothie Cream we tried on our 2 yr old was just so nice to put on it smelled nice which is a change from most eczema creams; they usually have no scent or for some reason smell like erasers. (Maybe it’s just me). This had a nice warm smell to it from the vanilla oil. Every single ingredient used in this cream has a purpose, there are no fillers, no fluff, no petroleum products, just good stuff that will simply make eczema skin soft and smooth and feel wonderful. The Milk and Oatmeal Bath powder is great as well, put in a couple scoops with tepid water and let them just soak and play. Kids come out soft and moisturized and not itching. After about a week of using this at night for baths, we noticed that the little one slept better, and I truly believe it is due to the fact that she is not itching so much. I love that it dissolves quickly does not make the tub slippery and it feel nice against the skin. Between these two products I think we have a chance of getting the eczema controlled enough to not need harmful steroids and over-the-counter pastes and potions that may have harmful ingredients in them. She is so precious to me, and her future health and well being is just as important to me as her comfort is now. If you do one new thing this year for your child’s eczema I robustly recommend this product, you can feel and see a difference in just one week. Take a minute and go and read Tawna Hills story, it will amaze you what she went through and how she came through it, she is a remarkable woman for sure.

"I was introduced to THB products through a friend whose son also had cradle cap and eczema."

I really like the super smoothie cream because it's really thick and non-greasy. I put it on right after his bath and it absorbs really well. I also like supporting Canadian companies, and buying products with as many natural ingredients as possible." Dawn-Calgary

Super Smoothie Cream Reviewed from Hello Jack Blog

By: Maria Fe - Thursday, September 10, 2013

Product Love: Super Smoothie Cream by Tawna Hill Baby

Created with all natural products, Tawna Hill Baby prides itself in only bringing the safest and most effective baby products. All products are toxin, paraben and carcinogen free. I recently had the chance to try their Super Smoothie Cream on Jack and love it so much, I've started using it on myself!

Hello Jack Blog: Product Love - Tawna Hill Baby Super Smoothie Cream
Made with calendula, organic hemp and almond oil help to calm and clear irritation, the Super Smoothie Cream is rich without being heavy on a baby's delicate skin. It's smooth and luxurious texture helps clear even the driest patches. Bonus points: it smells heavenly! 
Hello Jack Blog: Product Love - Tawna Hill Baby Super Smoothie Cream

Tawna Hill Baby carries a complete line of natural baby products that can be enjoyed by the entire family including Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder, Sleepy Massage and Calming Oil and Bubble-Free Bath Wash. Check out their entire line here, trust me, you won't be disappointed!


In The Know Mom reviews Tawna Hill Baby Products 

By: Sarah - August 17, 2013 

an honest natural baby skincare company {Tawna Hill Baby}

With so many happenings out of our control, we should cling to the choices still up to us. One such choice is what we decide to put in our children and on them as well. With hypersensitive skin myself, I’ve always been pretty aware of the products my family uses. My latest addition, 6 month old Gabriel, has sensitive skin and will break out all rashy even with some “organic” products. Tawna Hill, owner of Tawna Hill Baby, shook up my world a bit with her incredible story, insight into “organic” products and the quality of her amazing line, sent to me for review.

Let’s start with Tawna’s story:

While I was working the unthinkable happened – I found out I had a brain tumor while I was pregnant with my little angel girl Olivia. I went through surgery and treatments while she was growing inside of me… having battled through everything with me and ultimately (I feel) saving my life. I felt I owed it to her to be extremely safe about what I was going to use on her.

My research revealed that so-called organic products were only required to have sixty percent organic ingredients… organic with chemicals, was simply too unreliable for me . That’s when I decided the only way I could make sure I was using Toxin Free, Paraben Free and Carcinogen Free products was to make them myself. Every product is tested and Olivia Approved, I put my name on and personally endorse the products because I know they are safe and encompass all the right things you need to pamper you and your baby… Simple… Safe… Luxury.

I could probably stop here and you would be sold, correct? It is so hard these days to figure out the truth with products. The more you learn, the scarier it gets, but truth breeds innovation, hence this wonderful line from Tawna Hill Baby. I tried out three products: Super Smoothie Cream, Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and Hydra-Mist Changing Spray.

let’s get started…

Over the past 6 months, I have learned my son is most sensitive to soaps. Even the most natural and “organic” bath soaps have created red, blotchy skin post-bath. The only option for him, and a lot of other sensitive babies, is an oatmeal bath. The Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder soothes and calms while also purifying delicate skin. We do the oatmeal bath every time but they are especially great for rashes, eczema… any irritations. I use oatmeal baths myself when my hypersensitive skin goes wacky on me — it not only soothes but takes away itchiness.


After bath comes moisturizing time, the Super Smoothie Cream being an excellent, natural option (and Tawna Hill Baby’s #1 selling product). My son is in the pre-crawl stage right now where he is always up on his knees. He drags his body and lunges forward all day on carpet or rugs… anything to move around. This constant activity has really taken a toll on his knees. Poor guy. The Super Smoothie Cream is like a miracle cream for his dry, irritated knees.

The consistency reminds me of high-end facial moisturizers I have… it has substance. No thin “baby” moisturizer here. I’ll admit… I use this from time to time on my own elbows and knees! Sorry, Gabe. Key ingredients here are: calendula, organic hemp and almond oil. Since this cream has anti-inflammatory properties, it is also great for baby acne, insect bites and rashes.

In my opinion, I have saved the best for last. I mean this is a game changer. I have a baby boy now and he gets a bit rashy in the diaper area. I’ve tried an assorted variety of creams, salves and goopy globs — some work, some don’t. What all the products have in common is they have to be applied manually and leave behind ickiness on the parent’s hand. Tawna Hill Baby’s Hydra-Mist Changing Spray is so innovative I can’t stand it. Yes, I said SPRAY! Each diaper change now, I simply give my baby a spritz, spritz and he’s good to go. No muss, no fuss.

notice I keep my spray in the diaper caddy with cloth diapers… many of those goopy diaper rash creams are not cloth diaper friendly!

I thought for sure the changing spray wouldn’t be able to handle real diaper rash, but I have been using the changing spray for over a week now and I haven’t seen one bit of diaper rash. Any red areas are cleared up before they turn full blown rash. I’m amazed! Key ingredients here are: lavender, tea tree and rose hydrosols, as well as the amazing witch hazel. This spray even has antibacterial properties.

So what is in these amazing products? Here is a list of ingredients in all the products with descriptions of why each is used. A company cannot get more transparent than this. Tawna Hill Baby is the real deal – an honest company with products that work. Purchase products online in the $15-$30 range.

Keep in the know by liking Tawna Hill Baby on Facebook.

Products were sent to me by Tawna Hill Baby for review purposes; all opinions are 100% my own.

August 17, 2013 by Sarah.

 "A few days ago, I cried lots of sad tears for my 2.5 year old son. He has had nummular eczema, a very aggressive form of dermatitis which is quite rare in childhood and also quite difficult to treat, since he was just 6 months old, and he was in the midst of a terrible outbreak. My son would fuss and cry all day long as an infant, he would wake at night, rub his back against his crib, making his wounds bleed, and bruising his skin. Now that he's older, he scratches with his nails, tearing his skin. It is physically difficult for him, and it is an emotional struggle for me. Watching your wounded child writhe in pain and not being able to do anything about it is enough to make any parent feel helpless, frustrated and defeated. We have tried almost everything, medical and natural. Almost EVERYTHING. A few days ago, a clerk at Terra20 recommended your Super Smoothie Cream. I thought for sure it would be a bust, as we hadn't had much success with anything else so far... Am I ever glad we decided to give it a try! Five days later and my tears are now of pure joy. Your cream has stopped the itching, healed my son's irritated, bruised and ruptured skin. Your cream has vanished the pain. I am so glad I've finally found something (and all-natural, to boot) that keeps my son's skin condition at bay. I wish I could describe exactly how happy and relieved I feel right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful product! Seriously, THANK YOU." - Anna Black

"I just moved to Vancouver 5 weeks ago from Singapore and it was a big shock to my 1 year old's skin! I used your super smoothie cream and the cradle cap oil and they just cleared up all the skin issues he was going through. Thanks! I love your products and your philosophy."  - 

Ginny Batac  -  January 2012

 "I started using the Milk & Oatmeal bath along with the body wash and Super Smoothie Cream on my son and it cleared up his eczema within a week! We don't need to use our humidifier anymore either. I love your products :)"

Rose  - January 2012

 Once you have calmed and soothed your baby to sleep ... Check out another 'unique' way to use Sleepy Massage & Calming Oil by Tawna Hill Baby (posted under "BC Family" reader comment:) on Yummy Mummy Blog by Dr. Trina Read.

Article Posted on yummymummy.ca - January 2012!

We are absolutely loving the baby products you gave us.  The cream is to die for and the scents of everything is soo pretty.  I am definitely a customer and will recommend the line to everyone!! 

Deena - July 2011

Posted by Mama in the City 

The other week I went to the private opening of local Yaletown baby boutique, Saf & Benjamin, I went home from the party with a SWAG bag and among all the treats was a delicious smelling sample of body cream from Tawna Hill Baby. I love my products and can make the snap decision if it's a worthy high quality product or a total toss out. I should have known that the owner of Saf & Benjamin would only put together products that rocked.

I get sent many different products to review but I don't write all of them up or set up giveaways for every product that comes my way. While I love to review different products, you can be sure that I will never push anything I don't personally use. In the case of Tawna Hill Baby's Super Smoothie Cream, I actually approached them! This cream is fantastic and so true to it's name, it's also a natural baby skin care free of pathogens and chemicals. This cream is seriously smooth and has the perfect balance of a clean soft scent with hints of vanilla. It's one of those creams that's fantastic for your baby's skin but also seriously great for yourself.

June 7, 2011

Hi Tawna,

I just wanted to let you know that a lady at my work that I ordered your baby products for just told me yesterday that she just loves your products and has already ordered more for herself and her friends.  She says that her baby has to be in some kind of harness for a period of time and the bath product and super smoothie combo clears up any irritation on her skin immediately.  Also, she says that she uses the super smoothie on herself and she just loves the smell and how quickly it clears up any forms of irritations.

Sharon - May 2011

Tawna Hill Baby: New Gorgeous Organic Baby Line

There are not too many products I would consider personally using on myself or Petite Marie, but this new Canadian “mom and baby” organic line fits the bill perfectly. It’s called Tawna Hill Baby. Their seven products to me set the standard in what the truly green baby skincare is supposed to be: natural, pure, preservative-free, toxin-free, no gimmicks, no unjustifiably high price tags. If I wasn’t making my own products, I would be buying these. Here’s why:

First of all, their ingredients lists are clear, simple, and truely organic. There are not hidden petrochemicals, no denaturated or questionable preservatives. Everything is as pure as it’s supposed to be. Please stay this way!

Secondly, I just love their packaging. Clear and simple, made from what seems to be non-leaching polypropylene (safe plastic PP).

Thirdly, and to me, most importantly. Tawna Hill Baby was created by a brain cancer survivor, a real woman called Tawna Hill. Here’s what she tells about her line on her website:

“While I was working the unthinkable happened – I found out I had a brain tumor while I was pregnant with my little angel girl Olivia. I went through surgery and treatments while she was growing inside of me… having battled through everything with me and ultimately (I feel) saving my life. “

Just like I did with Petite Marie Organics, Tawna Hill apparently tests all products on herself and her little daughter.   

“I worked for luxury cosmetic companies for most of my career life in different capacities. But I have to say my proudest moment is when I gave birth to my beautiful, healthy baby girl and earned a new and now my most cherished job title: MOM.”

I couldn’t say it better.

Enjoy this amazing line: Tawna Hill Baby.

BY JULIE GABRIEL author of The Green Beauty Guide & creator of Petite Marie Organics

-Julie Gabriel March 28, 20011


I wanted to let you know I love your products!

Victoria has extremely sensitive skin, for example when I would take her out of the bath she would have welts all over her body...to make along story short, her doctor gave me some cortozon cream which I didn't want to use, so I ordered some of your products and omg!! No more welts, all the dry patches are cleared up. So thank you sooo much! Your products are amazing and i live them.

-Karmen - February 23, 2011

I have fallen in love with Tawna Hill Baby products, I received a bath-time bundle for my baby shower. The bath powder is wonderful for my new baby it seems very gentle on her skin. I've been using it to bathe in too as I've been really sensitive since delivery. the smoohtie cream has such a beautiful texture it melts into Julie's skin making it for such an easy application. I can't believe the smell of these products so delicious you could eat them! I'm excited to use these products everyday!

- Kate Nov. 17, 2010


Beauty & Well being Journalist Galina Atchkassova-Portianoi reviews THB line and loves it!

 Unfortunately our kids are being born in a much worse environment then we did. The air is more polluted, the water is less clean, there are more diseases and natural disasters, more additives in the food and things we use on our skin. All of the above are among the factors that make kids more susceptible to being born with asthma and skin conditions like eczema. At the same time, we, adults and parents can make a conscious choice too, by paying attention to what we are eating and drinking, how we are cooking and cleaning the places we live in and what we put on our kids skin, meaning both clothes and skincare. I would also haste to add that our kids need to go out and play with mud and run in the parks, without us being paranoid and wiping their hands every five minutes too.

I have a dear friend, whose child developed eczema in the second year of life and while it’s quite mild and not distressing to the child, one worries as a parent and wants to make it go away. So, where do you start?

I strongly believe in a combination of medical and holistic-while not taking the importance of doctors or medicines off, I know from my own experience that holistic medicine or practitioners can be of great benefit to one’s health, be it a child’s or adult’s. For now, I can recommend a Canadian skincare brand that was developed for kids and that my friend ‘road-tested’ (both the Super Smoothie Cream, that smells so good you will be tempted to think of cupcakes or cookies every time you open the jar, and the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder) and now uses regularly and lovingly on her child, whose skin is getting better.

Below is the Q&A with Tawna Hill, a lovely founder of the Tawna Hill Baby Natural baby care.

Can you possibly tell me a little about your background and how long it took you to develop the products?

TH: I worked with exclusive and high end brands in the cosmetic and beauty industry for 19 years. Quality of products has always been extremely important to me. I worked in several facets of the industry including artistry, sales development, training and finally management. 
The reason I started Tawna Hill Baby is because of my little miracle girl Olivia. When I was 3 months pregnant and working I found out I had a brain tumor and had to undergo radiation treatments with her inside of me. (A little scary when the doctor’s had never seen this situation before…) Thank god they took every precaution to make sure both myself and baby were safe. With my knowledge and resources I wanted to give back to Olivia by starting her off natural & chemical free once she was born. I feel like she saved my life and I owe it to her to be as safe as possible while she’s growing up. Having worked in a world where you can hardly pronounce the ingredient names on a jar I knew I wanted to create something that was totally chemical free.
So, I began to research and then worked closely with a certified aromatherapist and created all of the THB products. It was important to me to have products to use that not only give results but the texture had to feel like luxury product when applied to the skin without the chemicals.

Did anyone help you in the product development and testing stage?

TH: We developed our products with a small natural product lab in Vancouver. In terms of testing… As our products contain all natural ingredients and our teams experience with how our formula components work together the testing was done on my baby Olivia and our families little ones.

Why did you choose oats and milk-milk, for example, if often named as a cause of eczema in kids under one?

TH: Colloidal oatmeal has always been an amazing ingredient for calming irritated skin conditions so that was the main purpose in using it in the bath powder. From my knowledge it is quite rare around 6% of children experience a reaction from colloidal oatmeal. We also created a Bubble – Free Bath Wash as an alternative to bathe with in such cases as allergies to oatmeal. 

How effective are the products?

TH: The products all have a signature essential oil blend specifically formulated to have calming and soothing attributes. They were not designed to be a cure by any means, and we do not make that claim… however; our customers have experienced cure-like results for many ailments.

Are you stocked up anywhere in the world apart from Canada yet?

TH: We would love to be, but we have not yet had the opportunity to get in front of those buyers. (Note : the products can be ordered online and shipped to the UK, which takes 4 -6 weeks).

Do you have any tips on treating eczema?

TH: As per the above answer our aim was not to produce a cure, so all we can suggest is the content from the testimonials our customers have sent us. The majority have experienced great eczema relief from using the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and Super Smoothie Cream thereafter. 

Currently there are 6 products in the Tawna Hill’s skincare line: a Super Smoothie Cream(a luxury moisturiser, which contains calendula and organic hemp & almond oils), a Milk & Oatmeal bath powder (which helps to sooth even the most delicate of skins and helps to relieve rashes and eczema), Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care (will help to lift and gently remove the flakes from the babies delicate scalp), Bubble Free Bath Wash (which calms, cleans and soothes the skin with orange blossom & lavender non-foaming rinse that is free from sodium laurel sulfate), a Comfy Soft Talc-Free Powder(contains orange blossom, roman chamomile and a blend of essential oils) and a Sleepy Massage & Calming Oil (babies love to be touched and massaged, which strengthens the bond between a parent and child and it calms and reassures the little ones. This might do a tired parent some good too!).

And my feeling is that a mother like Tawna, who has been through some serious health problems herself, will be extra choosy about the things she would use on herself and her daughter-call it higher wisdom and consciousness-what better endorsement would another mother need?



 Watch Tawna on the Vancouver TV show Urban Rush with Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford.

 “I’m using the Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap oil on my son and it is amazing – and also the only product I’ve tried that has really worked! - Penny Dawes, Vancouver Island, BC

 “Super Smoothie Cream – NOT just for your baby!!! I started using this fabulous cream on my own face when I had forgotten my moisturiser on our family trip during the holidays – now this IS my moisturiser!!! Wonderfully immoliant, calming and very hydrating, SS leaves my skin with a wonderful dewy glow and a more youthful appearance. Don’t just buy one for baby, get one for you too – YOUR skin will thank you!” - Amber Berry, Chandler Arizona

“This is an incredible, luxurious moisturizer that compares to the most expensive creams available today. I started using Super Smoothie Cream on my own skin a few weeks before my son was born; it is perfect to soothe his skin and a real treat for me!” - Samantha Garden, Vancouver BC

“To rub Super Smoothie cream into my very dry hands, is to make my skin feel like it is being brought back to life again. Plus the scent is beautiful, calming and sensuous all at the same time. I rub Super Smoothie cream onto my baby’s little bottom after a bath. He loves it and I love the way he smells so much that I can’t stop hugging him.. mmm mmm mmm.” - Katie Myers, Portland, Oregon

JANINE ION of CALGARY – shares her comments,

“I am so pleased with my purchases from Tawna Hill Baby!” My newborn had terrible cradle cap that was creeping down to her ears and cheeks, she was so sensitive. I tried Olive Oil for weeks and it did nothing. I bought the Bubble Free Wash and the Cradle Cap Care from Tawna Hill and within two weeks the cradle cap was virtually gone. I also purchased the Milk and Oatmeal Bath Powder for my 4 year old who has eczema and it has worked wonders on his skin. Living in Calgary’s dry climate it is hard to find something gentle that actually works. After his bath I use the Super Smoothie Cream on the really rough patches and he loves the way it softens. I am honestly happy to have found these safe, affordable products for my precious babies. I purchased the Smoothie Cream and Bath Powder for my sister’s baby as well and I tell everyone I know to check out the website and I will definitely be re-ordering when I run out of my products!"

 “What I love about Tawna Hill’s Super Smoothie is I know I am putting something on my body that is good for it, it’s made fresh & has no preservatives, it’s incredibly hydrating while not sticky or greasy, absorbs quickly & smells amazing! My hands normally get red and dry during the winter months and since starting to use Tawna Hill’s Super Smoothie I am amazed how soft and hydrated my hands are, a little goes a long way and my hands stay moisturized even after washing my hands” - Linda Hamilton, Coquitlam, BC

“My girlfriend & I tried your products for the first time and we absolutely love them!!” - Cassandra Raposo

 “I LOVE Super Smoothie! I used it yesterday and today on my face. It smells wonderful and really gives that radiant look. I think with a few more days’ use, it will address those dry patches of mine.” - Josephine, Nanaimo BC

“This cream is so good that I’m now using it, It’s like a high end moisturizer and no chemicals, so awesome.” – Debbie Gillette, Nanaimo BC

 “The Tawna Hill Baby products are so gentle and lovely on your skin – and smell fantastic, great for baby, mom, dad, grandma… you name it!” - Cathie Clynch, Calgary AB

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