Diaper Rash Care

Diaper Rash 

A common condition caused by exposure to urine and feces, allergies to disposable diapers, soaps and detergents, or by diapers that are worn too tightly. 

Diaper rash for a parent, can be one of the most alarming and painful sights to witness on their baby. What’s a parent to do...especially, when seeing redness and sometimes raw, oozing patches on their babies delicate bum?  

It’s important to know, the best way to heal diaper rash is by ensuring the diaper area is always clean and dry. The most effective way to be certain the rash will heal is; frequently changing diapers. If the rash is inflamed, parents often find it helpful to leave a diaper off, especially during nap times as this offers added relief and much needed air flow to the area. 

Additional considerations for Diaper Rash:

  • Diapers need to be changed often in order for the area to stay dry
  • Ensure the use of the correct size of diaper, too tight can cause rubbing/chafing and offer limited airflow especially when diapers become wet or soiled
  • When using cloth diapers; ensure washing detergent used is free of all irritants and made especially for the delicate skin of babies, avoid the use of softeners and dryer sheets as most contain perfumes and fragrances which contributes to the irritation
  • When using disposables; ensure there are no chemicals such as chlorine, dyes, and fragrance on the labels, ingredients like these tend to aggravate an already sensitive area - especially when soiled. 
  • Wash the affected area gently during every change and be sure to pat dry with an extra soft cloth – avoid using wipes that contain fragrances or alcohol, both can lead to further irritation
  • Bathe baby in a gentle soapless wash, avoid sodium laureth sulfate - this is a known irritant on sensitive skin conditions
  • Apply a gentle cream several times a day to calmly soothe and heal the rash (creams allow airflow versus ointments which tend to seal the wetness in)
  • Consider using a gentle talc-free powder to control wetness in between changes, especially if baby is going with out a diaper

The Good News!

Diaper rash can be cured & treated with diligence and patience ~
Diaper Rash has been successfully remedied by many parents with the use of the following products which offer key ingredients that engage natural healing for this sensitive skin condition.

  • Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder - used in the bath to calm & soothe: Ground Colloidal Oatmeal, Roman Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil, Neroli Oil, Epsom Salts, help draw out impurities, soothe itchy, scratchy & dry inflamed skins with a calming effect.
  • Super Smoothie Cream - for hydration and moisturizing: Calendula Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Nut Butter, offer much needed anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and hydrating protection to aid in healing of compromised and highly irritable skin problems
  • Comfy Soft Talc-Free Powder - controls wetness and soothes irritation: White Clay, Orange Blossom Hydrosol (purified floral water), Roman Chamomile Oil, Lavender Oil – naturally and lightly draws out impurities, calms, soothes and heals sensitive, inflamed skin

Looking for more information ? Check out our full list of ingredients along with the multi-uses that many of these natural baby skin care products provide.