Cradle Cap Care

Cradle Cap

A very common condition among newborns which is completely harmless to the child.  Although, when parents see these flaky, yellow crusty patches appear on their sweet newborns head it can be alarming but it's good to know in most cases the cradle cap will clear up on it's own with in 6-12 months. 

Is Cradle Cap a result of hormones being transferred from the mother in the last few weeks of the pregnancy, which in turn over activates the babies oil-producing glands or is it a fungus, or is it yeast related? Although, there is no clear indication as to why some babies get cradle cap or for that matter how it originates. It is clear that it is not a result of bad hygiene and it is not harmful to the baby.

A baby's head is so very delicate that it's best to use caution when choosing your method to help aid in clearing up the patches, its important to always choose something chemical free and natural. 

Eliminate flaky, yellowish patches related to cradle cap by applying these simple and effective tips:

  •  While giving your baby a bath, gently wash their head with a mild soap making sure to rinse off all residue 
  •  Follow by adding a gentle natural oil, then massage carefully into the areas of concern - leave on for 15 minutes 
  •  Use a soft brush or gentle face cloth to help loosen difficult patches, making sure to not over do it 
  •  Rinse the oil out with the gentle wash 
  •  Dry off with a soft towel

This purely natural chemical-free combination from Tawna Hill Baby has given many parents relief for their baby's cradle cap:

Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care

  • Sweet Almond Oil - Softens and moisturizes, helps aid in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, soothes inflammations
  • Apricot Kernel Oil - high in vitamin A, used for extreme dryness and irritated skin
  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil - anti-inflammatory, balances dry skin, helps heal skin lesions, has anti-oxidants and moisture balancing properties
  • Jojoba Oil - lightweight, moisturizes, high in vitamin E (healing)
  • Calendula Oil - helps with inflamed skin, softens and soothes
  • Sunflower Oil - acts as a protective barrier for sensitive skins, helps to moisturize
  • Castor Oil - itching, extreme dryness, bacterial infections, age spots, stretch mark prevention
  • Roman Chamomile Oil - calms and soothes inflamed skins, naturally healing, antiseptic
  • Lavender Oil - relaxing, calming, eczema, helps with irritation, naturally healing, antiseptic
  • Neroli Oil - regenerates skin, soothes, regenerates skin, antiseptic, prevents scaring
  • Vanilla Oil - natures fragrance that adds a warm comforting relaxing scent 

Description: Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care helps soften and loosen dry patches on a baby’s sensitive head, as a scalp refiner it will help lift and gently remove unwanted flakes. Use with a soft brush or towel for difficult patches

Bubble-Free Bath Wash

  • Coconut Oil - moisturizes and softens also gives a lather
  • Palm Kernel Oil - gives a lather and luxurious feel
  • Vegetable Glycerin - softens and soothes 
  • Aloe Vera Oil - rejuvenates, healing, reduces inflammation
  • Orange Blossom(neroli) Hydrosol - Floral water - anti stress and calming agent
  • Lavender Hydrosol - soothing and healing for fragile skin, purified floral water
  • Witch Hazel - anti-oxidant and astringent good for acne, eczema, psoriasis
  • Xanthan Gum - sugar that helps thicken, stabilize and hydrate, keeps product from separating
  • H2O - purified water for hydration
  • Rosemary Extract - natural preservative, antioxidant
  • Green Tea Extract - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Lavender- calming, eczema, skin irritations, naturally healing, antiseptic 
Description: Bubble-Free Bath Wash calms, cleans and soothes skin without the use of sodium laurel sulfate, which is a common irritant to sensitive skins. Bubble-Free Bath Wash is a non-foaming multi-use rinse. 


  • “I’m using the Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap oil on my son and it is amazing – and also the only product I’ve tried that has really worked! - Penny Dawes, Vancouver Island, BC
  • “I am so pleased with my purchases from Tawna Hill Baby!”My newborn had terrible cradle cap that was creeping down to her ears and cheeks, she was so sensitive. I tried Olive Oil for weeks and it did nothing. I bought the Bubble Free Wash and the Cradle Cap Care from Tawna Hill and within two weeks the cradle cap was virtually gone. I also purchased the Milk and Oatmeal Bath Powder for my 4 year old who has eczema and it has worked wonders on his skin. Living in Calgary’s dry climate it is hard to find something gentle that actually works. After his bath I use the Super Smoothie Cream on the really rough patches and he loves the way it softens. I am honestly happy to have found these safe, affordable products for my precious babies. I purchased the Smoothie Cream and Bath Powder for my sister’s baby as well and I tell everyone I know to check out the website and I will definitely be re-ordering when I run out of my products!" - JANINE ION Calgary
  • "I just moved to Vancouver 5 weeks ago from Singapore and it was a big shock to my 1 year old's skin! I used your super smoothie cream and the cradle cap oil and they just cleared up all the skin issues he was going through. Thanks! I love your products and your philosophy." Ginny B, Vancouver,BC 

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