Chicken Pox Care

Chickenpox (also called varicella)

A common and extremely infectious childhood disease that also affects adults on occasion. It produces an itchy, blistery rash that typically lasts about a week and is sometimes accompanied by a fever or other symptoms.

As these pesky itchy spots can appear anywhere it's important to keep the irritation to a minimal for the individual that is inflicted.

Natural Baby Skin Care for Chicken Pox Relief

As a gentle and soothing bath is often a welcome relief for this particular skin condition. Adding 2-3 tablespoons of Tawna Hill Baby's  Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder can offer a sense of calm and relaxation for the sufferer.

With only natural and safe ingredients that include:

  • Whole Milk Powder - calming and soothing, moisturizing
  • Cornstarch - silky & soft clean feel
  • Epsom Salt - draws toxins from body, relaxes muscles, natural emollient and exfoliator
  • Cocoa Butter - anti-oxidant, helps to naturally preserve product, emollient, smoothes
  • Ground Colloidal Oatmeal - soothes itchy, scratchy and dry skin, eczema, acne, bug bites, chicken pox, diaper rash, etc...
  • Roman Chamomile Oil - calms inflamed skin like eczema, acne, boils, wounds
  • Lavender Oil - calming and soothing to skin irritations, naturally healing, antiseptic, eczema, acne 
  • Neroli (orange blossom) Oil - regenerates skin, calms and soothes, antiseptic, prevents scaring 
  • Vanilla - natures fragrance that adds a warm comforting and relaxing scent

The Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder is a unique light weight powder that is added to the bath to help calm and soothe the most irritable skin conditions.

Testimonial on how gentle the Milk & Oatmeal Powder is on extremely delicate skin 

  • My son suffered near 3rd degree burns last month from falling into the glass fireplace 3 hours after it had been turned off. They removed all of the skin over the course of a month off his palm and fingers. We heavily used your milk oatmeal bath and will continue to do so as his new skin is very vulnerable right now and needs the best products possible. Thanks so much for your wonderful products, so glad I found them! - Jennifer Kutney

Once the rash has scabbed over you will want to ensure that pox heal without scaring by applying a small amount of Super Smoothie Cream daily over the dry areas to help heal these now dry skin patches.