Baby Acne Care

Baby Acne

An acneic form eruption that occurs in newborns or infants, and is often seen on the nose and adjacent portions of the cheeks, forehead, chin and even the back. Most forms of acne occur when oil glands get blocked. With baby acne the pimples are actually small whiteheads that are surrounded by red, irritated and maybe even inflamed skin. It may also become more pronounced when your baby is hot or fussy, or if the skin is irritated.

Things to consider with this skin condition include the following:

  • High fragrance and chemical detergents need to be avoided; wash all family clothes, bedding, and such in a natural fragrance & chemical free detergent made for sensitive skins
  • Baby saliva and milk spit-up needs to be attended to consistently in order to avoid irritation
  • Avoiding bath soaps/products that contain SLS's along with anything with a high fragrance content
  • Avoid using any petroleum based products such as mineral oil

As with any skin condition it is important to be very gentle with any form of treatment you may choose to use. Searching for products that are free of toxic chemicals is only in the best interest of your growing baby.  A babies skin is so very delicate that you never want to scrub or wash it too aggressively. In many cases the baby acne will clear up with-in a few weeks of the initial breakout.

Many parents that have looked for a way to help clear up this baby skin condition have found that using the Super Smoothie Cream very lightly after bathing their baby, have achieved the results they were looking for.

Super Smoothie Cream a Mother's Testimonial with Before & After photos taken of her baby with red irritable skin

 “Pictures of baby Raiden before using the cream and after. 

Within one week of using the cream his face cleared right up and
still remains this way today. We use it once most days and it makes our
little guy look good and smell delicious. Even Raiden tries to lick the
cream as I apply it on his face cuz it smells so great! 
Thank you for recommending this super amazing cream!!!

We love it!! Even I use it on my face when I see something popping up and
it's clear by the next day.”

~Sheila Recuenco

Baby Raiden Before Super Smoothie Cream                           Baby Raiden After Just 1 week of using the Super Smoothie Cream 


 The Super Smoothie Cream contains anti-inflammatory, purifying and yet moisturizing and nourishing ingredients which have been combined together to give ultimate results for many different skin conditions.