Tawna Hill

I Believe, My Story will make you think!

While I was working the unthinkable happened – I found out I had a brain tumor while I was pregnant with my little angel girl Olivia. I went through surgery and treatments while she was growing inside of me… having battled through everything with me and ultimately (I feel) saving my life. I felt I owed it to her to be extremely safe about what I was going to use on her.

My research revealed that so-called organic products were only required to have sixty percent organic ingredients… organic with chemicals, was simply too unreliable for me . That’s when I decided the only way I could make sure I was using Toxin Free, Paraben Free and Carcinogen Free products was to make them myself. Every product is tested and Olivia Approved, I put my name on and personally endorse the products because I know they are safe and encompass all the right things you need to pamper you and your baby… Simple… Safe… Luxury.

I worked for luxury cosmetic companies for most of my career life in different capacities. But I have to say my proudest moment is when I gave birth to my beautiful, healthy baby girl and earned a new and now my most cherished job title: MOM

I know there are many products out in the market to use on babies and moms but I still truly felt the need to create a product that really is Toxin Free, Paraben Free and Carcinogen Free . These days there are way too many toxic dangers in our lives, from the air we breathe to some of the chemical laden products we use on our bodies. Tawna Hill Baby is truly natural baby skin care, for the most precious thing in your life, your baby and mine! Simple, Safe, Luxury.

I feel so strongly about not using toxins on our babies, that I thought it was my social responsibility to share these products with more people who feel like I do. In addition to preventing carcinogens from harming our babies, I also donate .25 cents of the sale of each product to finding a cure for cancer.




A Natural Reflection - from Tawna  A 3rd Anniversary Message