September 20, 2013


Change of Season Baby Skin Care & Savings!

Fall 2013

Natural Baby Skin Care

How does the change in season affect your baby’s skin?

Babies just like adults are affected by any changes in the weather. As soon as we start to feel the coolness in the air we bring out our warm snugly clothes & turn up the heat. When these changes occur, we also start experiencing dryness in our throats, hair and skin.

How to successfully tackle your baby’s dry skin:

The most important element in dealing with skin dryness is prevention! Being proactive, will allow you to prepare ahead so there is very little impact your little one’s skin. The last thing we want is an uncomfortable baby because of itchy, dry irritated skin, when it can be prevented. Here are some safe & easy steps you can use in order to prevent your baby from having uncomfortable, itchy dry skin for the whole fall/winter season.

Consider having a humidifier in the baby’s room and use it in the evenings. This not only adds moisture into the air but it will undoubtably help baby sleep better and hopefully help ward off any possible colds… It’s also important to keep an even room temperature of between 65 -70˚F or 18 -21˚C . Most baby boutiques have cute temperature devices (I personally love the Gro Egg – it’s super cute and accurate!) and humidifiers.

Good skin care is essential and what you bathe your baby in will either soften & soothe the skin, or if it has chemicals like SLS’s (makes bubbles), it may dry it out. One thing is for sure, when considering any skin care products for baby, use the philosophy less is more. Be conscious and look at the ingredient listings, you should be able to read and pronounce the words on the label… Always use 100% natural products and keep bathing simple, baby’s skin is so delicate we don’t want it to sponge up any toxic and harmful substances. Tawna Hill Baby products are 100% natural and are made free of toxins, parabens and carcinogens. I recommend having two staple THB products on hand, both target irritation and the uncomfortable skin dryness that may occur during the change of season:

THB Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder is a favorite of parents for bathing, it’s extremely gentle and delicate on every skin type – this one product is incredible in the way it calms and offers immediate relief to even the most inflamed skin.
THB Super Smoothie Cream is a star product that immediately hydrates and softens delicate skin offering relief of skin conditions from diaper rash to eczema and everything in between.

Just to recap; prevention is key, look for a humidifier and be sure to use it every night, remember the baby’s room needs to stay a consistent temperature so find a gauge that works. Also, using a couple of key THB natural and safe skin care products will keep the baby’s skin clean, hydrated, soft, and moisturized through the fall/winter months.

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