August 10, 2013


My Summer Success Story of Skin Relief – Natural Baby Skin Care

My Summer Success Story of Skin Relief – Natural Baby Skin Care

Summer is such an amazing time to enjoy with our families & friends. Our babies and children capitalize on this time, enjoying splashing, swimming, exploring and playing on beautiful days the sun is shining. My family, just like many others loves spending time in the sun, yet when we do, we usually try to stay close to a source of water for immediate relief from the heat.

My sweet little girl (5 years old), was having the time of her life with her best little buddy, playing close to the shore on a beautiful lake we love visiting in the summer. The two girls decided to explore a little island which they happened to name after themselves,’ Brelivia’… The intrigue and enjoyment of this island for them, was that they could walk to it and wade in the water with their life jackets on and still be above water. What seemed to be an innocent, fun and sweet adventure for these two little friends, resulted in a sincere nightmare for them both and especially for my daughter (photos below). Unknowingly the girls favorite “new” island, was also a favorite ‘retreat’ for some Canadian Geese families, and happens to be a breeding ground for and lead to, a nasty and very uncomfortable encounter of something called “Swimmer’s Itch.”

The dreaded Swimmer’s Itch…
Swimmers Itch develops in warm shallow waters, where microscopic parasites live in the blood of water birds, such as in our case, Geese. These parasites have eggs which leave infected birds through their feces, the eggs then hatch and release free swimming microscopic larvae. The larvae then infect a certain type of snail, which in turn release a different microscopic larvae. These larvae swim and search for birds or mammals to attach on to, in order to continue their life cycle. Luckily, humans are not a successful host for these larvae and they are unable to survive once they burrow into a humans flesh. They do end up dying, but not without having left their presence known by causing an allergic reaction to their unknowing victim(s)…


Swimmer’s Itch

A person who has been inflicted by Swimmer’s Itch will experience extremely itchy skin that burns and tingles, followed by little red bumps and then red dots which can sometimes turn into blisters.

Sadly our little one’s didn’t dry off after visiting ‘their’ island, which has now been renamed by the girls “itchy island”.

In my daughter’s case, the itchiness came out intensely and was intolerable for her. Immediately I searched for something to absorb the pain of the itching, as we were at our friends cabin, I unfortunately did not have on hand my Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (I’ll never make that mistake again), so I just put her in a bath with baking soda to help ease the itch. Thankfully, I did have Super Smoothie Cream with me, so I applied a thin layer in the effected areas which helped sooth the itching, then I had her put on long cotton pants to keep her from thinking about it. When we arrived back home, she said she felt really itchy again. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what her legs looked like! I quickly started a luke warm bath for her and added a good 4 tablespoons of my Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and had her soak in the milky water for a good 30 minutes. Out of the bath the itchiness was relieved but the red “polka dots” my daughter called them, were very prominent. We followed up by applying a light layer of Comfy-Soft Talc Free Powder. Next, I warmed up the Super Smoothie Cream in my finger tips and tapped it lightly onto the skin and finished off with a light misting of the Hydra-Mist Spray which offered her cooling relief. I repeated this routine twice a day for 3 days and we finally had success at eliminating the “itch”, in our lives!

Below is our 3 day progress of using the THB method (above) in order to eliminate my daughter’s case of the itch

Day 1 after the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (no itchiness reported, but still red)

Day 1 after the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (no itchiness but still red)

Day two following our above routine less redness & the spots are fading

Day 2 following our above method we had less redness & the spots started fading

Day three we have success with most of the spots having disappeared!

Day 3 we have success! most of the red “polka dots” have faded and disappeared

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