July 23, 2013


INsects! Mosquitoes: How to Cope with these little BUGS with Natural Baby Skincare

INsects! Mosquitoes: How to cope with these little BUGS naturally

Do you ever wonder why certain insects are so attracted to YOU?

Some interesting facts you may or may not know about mosquitoes:

    • we are not a food supply for mosquitoes
    • it’s the female mosquitoes which seek us out in order to get a protein to fertilize their eggs
    • red, itchy bumps are the result of a bite; it’s actually an allergic reaction to their saliva
    • 85% of our genetics makes us susceptible to these pests
    • people with high concentrations of cholesterol on the surface of their skin lure them in
    • mosquitoes smell from a distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet)
    • mosquitoes sense movement and heat
    • mosquitoes have receptors on their antennae that detect the carbon dioxide released when we exhale
    • mosquitoes may have a preference blood: type O is apparently the preferred type as studies have shown.
    • mosquitoes have great vision and are attracted to dark colors like black, navy & deep reds
    • mosquitoes love pregnant women, as they exhale 21% more carbon dioxide and are warmer around the belly due to amniotic fluids

What naturally preys on mosquitoes? Mosquitofish, Purple Martin birds, bats, dragonflies, damselflies, frogs and toads, all top the list of the mosquitoes natural predators

These pests are beyond annoying to any living and breathing being. So is there really anything good about mosquitoes? The answer is; regrettably yes… It’s not even a possibility to eradicate them, mosquitoes have been on earth a 100+ million years… They also happen to be a food source for wildlife in the lower level of the food chain. Ultimately, the demise of the mosquito population would have extremely harmful effects on our entire ecosystem.

We can avoid being the recipient of a female mosquito bite, without dousing our babies and family in harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients:

Some Natural Essential Oils that help repel these Summer time pests are:
*Citronella Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
*Lavender Oil
Geranium Oil
*Lemongrass Oil
Cedar Oil
Peppermint Oil

Try these 4 Simple and Easy Steps to Make a Natural Repellant
In a small (4oz) spray bottle combine:
1. 60% with distilled water
2. 30% with witch hazel
3. 10% with essential oil(s) of your choice (approx. 30-40 drops)
4. mix and/or shake well

*Note: *Citronella, *Lavender, and *Lemongrass are safer essential oil choices for the delicate skin on babies and toddlers. Keep in mind for older family members,  Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (not to be used on children under 3 years old) has been proven to be one of the most effective natural repellents for mosquitoes.

Realizing the main culprits are sight, smell & heat when it comes to mosquitoes, it’s important to stay conscious of a couple of things. Avoid wearing dark clothing (blacks, navy and reds), dress in light colors. Also, keep excessive heat and heavy breathing to a minimum to avoid high CO2 releasing levels, by omitting high impact, sweat inducing activities.

Just in case, always have on hand a naturally healing and a safe remedy, to relieve the itching and irritation of bites.  A luke warm bath of  Tawna Hill Baby Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder will calm the itching and redness  brought on by any bite, follow up with a light application of Super Smoothie Cream to settle the area.

With any luck, using these safe and natural methods to protect yourself & family, you can reduce the chance of the inevitable…

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