September 27, 2012


Super Smoothie Cream - A Nummular Eczema relief story

A mother tells her emotional story about her son's relief from Nummular Eczema - yet another reason to love Tawna Hill Baby Super Smoothie Cream.

A few days ago, I cried lots of sad tears for my 2.5 year old son. He has had nummular eczema, a very aggressive form of dermatitis which is quite rare in childhood and also quite difficult to treat, since he was just 6 months old, and he was in the midst of a terrible outbreak. My son would fuss and cry all day long as an infant, he would wake at night, rub his back against his crib, making his wounds bleed, and bruising his skin. Now that he's older, he scratches with his nails, tearing his skin. It is physically difficult for him, and it is an emotional struggle for me. Watching your wounded child writhe in pain and not being able to do anything about it is enough to make any parent feel helpless, frustrated and defeated. We have tried almost everything, medical and natural. Almost EVERYTHING. A few days ago, a clerk at Terra20 recommended your Super Smoothie Cream. I thought for sure it would be a bust, as we hadn't had much success with anything else so far... Am I ever glad we decided to give it a try! Five days later and my tears are now of pure joy. Your cream has stopped the itching, healed my son's irritated, bruised and ruptured skin. Your cream has vanished the pain. I am so glad I've finally found something (and all-natural, to boot) that keeps my son's skin condition at bay. I wish I could describe exactly how happy and relieved I feel right now. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful product! Seriously, THANK YOU.

These kind of stories make our day, we thank Anna for sharing with us.

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