January 30, 2012


What is Natural?

As a new parent, it can be extremely overwhelming to find products that are truly safe for the most precious thing in your life, your child. There are lots of products in the market place to choose from but what is truly safe?

Don’t compromise yourself and your family’s future with ingredients that may eventually be added to the “toxic list” at some point...If it sounds to good to be true, it likely is!

As parents, it’s our responsibility to do our homework and to educate ourselves about the harmful effects of ingredients that may be lurking in the products we use and the damaging effects they can have. A very well known brand has formaldehyde in some of their products in order to preserve them for your child! You have to ask yourself “why would I want to put these toxic products with chemicals on my little one’s ultra pure skin?” 

The word “natural” can mean so many things on a label, as a consumer reading the ingredient listings you should understand what is listed. Anything that has paraben at the end of it (ie. methylparaben, propylparaben) DEA (ie. cocamide DEA) and PEG (ie. PEG- 8 Stearate) should be avoided, they are all toxic ingredients. These are only a few of the common ingredients that are added to some baby products, in order to prolong the shelf life. I use my “mom logic” if you can’t pronounce the word it’s likely not natural in most cases. 

So what ingredients should you look for? There are lots of wonderful natural ingredients that have specific qualities to calm and heal that you should be aware of :

  • Organic Hemp Seed Oil - Anti-inflammatory, balances dry skin, helps heal skin lesions, has anti-oxidants and moisture balancing properties.
  • Shea Butter - Hydrates and softens, helps with rashes, acne, anti-inflammatory
  • Orange Blossom - Anti stress and calming agent.
  • Calendula Oil - helps with inflamed skin, softens and soothes.
  • Green Tea Extract - anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Sunflower Oil - acts as a protective barrier for sensitive skins, helps moisturize

The bottom line is - you can get all the benefits of great skin care ingredients for your children with out the harmful chemicals, by just doing a little label reading when you buy. Isn’t your little one worth that little extra care. 

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