November 20, 2011


On Our Third Anniversary: A Natural Reflection - Looking Back by Tawna Hill


As I sit down and reflect on THB and how the brand came about and where it is today three full years later, it puts a big huge smile on my face! I have to thank everyone that has made the decision to bring THB into their lives. 

Tawna Hill Baby began in the height of the economic crisis, bad timing or what! This would have been a perfect reason not to move forward with this project. Yet, that was not an option, my journey had already begun with my illness and I wanted my unborn child to start her life off chemical free. Especially in an area I was very familiar with the cosmetic and beauty industry. I had come across a lot of baby skin care products but really didn’t trust the ingredient lists on many of them and they weren’t appealing in texture or scent for me to apply on myself, let alone my little one. In the beauty industry most people are trying to achieve that incredibly buttery smooth beautiful skin that babies naturally have. Why would I put a sticky heavy cream on my sweet little baby?  I wanted beautiful products that could heal naturally without all the fillers. I knew many other parents who felt the same way I did, so we moved forward with the creation and launch of THB despite the obvious hurdles. 

The Journey... 

We began our launch online in the fall of 2008 and by early spring THB had already achieved really positive and substantial feed back from our customers, many asking if their were any retail locations to discover more of our brand. This gave us the confidence to take it to the store front retail market. Crocodile Baby in Vancouver was the first retailer we approached and they immediately recognized the quality and potential of the brand as a locally made luxury product which filled a niche for them. We continue to have a wonderful partnership with them and thank them for believing in THB from the very start. Our retailer adoption has continued with amazing boutiques throughout the country that now offer our brand. We appreciate so much that all of these incredible stores have made the decision to provide Tawna Hill Baby products to their customers. 

In the summer of 2010 we introduced new products, Hydra-Mist Changing Spray and the mini Super Smoothie, both exciting steps forward for us in our growth as a company and the exciting journey... 

We will continue to be inspired to create and offer high quality, simple, safe, luxury products that provide a natural choice for families. 

A Big Collective - Thank you! 

I want to thank all the amazing families that have made the choice to purchase Tawna Hill Baby to use on their loved ones. Our retailers share our products with their customers with such great knowledge and enthusiasm. The resource site owners and bloggers that have taken the time to investigate and share their experiences with THB has allowed more families to become familiar with our brand. Thank you to all of you for believing in our baby - Tawna Hill Baby! (THB) 

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