March 22, 2011


Deception - Lousy Labels

This is an unbelievable story by Erica Johnson from CBC's MarketPlace one that left me feeling taken advantage of by a company that I believed to be honest to its labels. Most of the companies on here were no surprise, but the information that is revealed in this story is unfair to consumers and parents trying to use the best for their babies and family.

This is why Tawna Hill Baby was originally created - I needed to know that every ingredient going on my beautiful little girl's skin was truly safe & natural! As our product formulations exist today, we could label THB not only as 'Natural' but also as 'Organic' according to the US and Canadian standards. I believe the only way things should be labelled 'Organic' is if every single ingredient is truly Organic and not just a few of the ingredients. We all lead busy lives and not everyone is a scientist that can decipher all the words on the labels. It's our job as ethical businesses to make products that we sell to the public easy to comprehend and not trick consumers into believing something that is not the real truth. 

I pledge to always keep this promise to my customers!

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