May 27, 2014


Tawna Hill Baby Review by Victoria Wollf of Glimpse

SATURDAY, MAY 24, 2014
Tawna Hill Baby Review

One commitment our family has made is to keep our household as chemical free as possible. For us, it makes sense, our house feels better and my health drastically improves the less chemicals we have in our space. It's a win-win. It's also encouraging to know that there are quality Canadian businesses like Tawna Hill Baby to help make keeping our commitment easier.

Tawna Hill Baby is committed to bringing safe and luxurious baby and skin care products into the home.Following a health scare while pregnant with her daughter, Tawna Hill began her journey to provide products that were healthy and effective for the whole family.

All of Tawna Hill Baby's products are toxin free, paraben free, and carcinogen free using natural ingredients and essential oils to craft their products.

For this review, I was sent a sample of Tawna Hill Baby’s Hydra-Mist Changing Spray. Although with cloth wipes you can use any combination with water, soap, or spray because of the rashes my son gets while teething I really appreciate having a spray that helps soothe and heal as well as clean.

One of the things I really loved about this spray is the fact that I recognized (and could pronounce) all of the ingredients that I was using on my son! Natural ingredients such as lavender, tea tree, rosemary, and roman chamomile are just some of the easily recognized ingredients found in the hydra-mist formula.
I was impressed at how well this combination worked for our little guy and even though we’re still in the middle of teething his rash is non-existent. This has been a huge help as other sprays we've tried in the past have done a basic job but have never made an impact on his rashes. Additionally, the hydra-mist spray has also proven to be a great body mist for myself when it's not in the nursery. The scent isn't too heavy and reminds me a bit of a warm summer day with my neighbour's garden. This has been a fun, unexpected bonus as I'm allergic to most chemical scents and haven't been able to uses mists before now.

I also appreciated Tawna Hill Baby’s ingredient page. Tawna Hill Baby provides an informational page
for curious parents to see not only what is in the product (in nice, readable font) but what function each ingredient is used to fulfill.
I really appreciated the open, honest communication from Tawna Hill with their products, especially on this page. It's one thing to read a list of ingredients, it's another to be told why they are there.

At 16.50 for 120ml bottle, the Hydra-Mist Spray is on par with most of it's competition for price but a much higher quality than I've found at my local haunts. If you are in the market for natural baby care products, Tawna Hill Baby is a premium Canadian option to explore!

Products are available for purchase on the Tawna Hill Baby website.

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