March 10, 2014


Why March 10th is Special

Everyone has a day that is particularly special to them, for me that day will forever will be March 10!

On this particular day — a source of light, and joy was brought into this world that changed my life from that day forward in such a magical way. This was the day my sweet, beautiful angel, Olivia was born.

Today, I think back to when James & I discovered the exciting news that I was pregnant — what a thrill it was to have the doctor's confirmation that we were expecting a baby! This joyous news was immediately shared with our families and friends. I do however, also recall the moment when a dark cloud came over us, just 3 months into the pregnancy and left us to wonder if having this baby was going to actually happen...

All I can remember was wanting to know if this baby inside me was going to be okay, that's all I really cared about. No guarantees or assurance came from any of the doctors, they wouldn't know if, or how things might effect the baby through the treatments. There 'could be complications' was one of the regular comments from the fetal medical experts. This made things really hard for myself and my amazing man. We both had our dreaded moments of thinking; are we doing the right thing by continuing with this high risk pregnancy? For me, it was a simple 'yes' I felt so strong with her inside of me - I do know, she gave me the ultimate strength to result in a truly positive outcome for all of us.

There was no doubt, especially during one of the ultrasounds, when she gave us a clear indication that she was okay and happy — this was with an OK hand gesture:) that little O with her thumb and tiny index finger, along with her other little fingers pointing out, ensured us she was doing just fine. The notion of even thinking of what we had to back then is just horrible & gut wrenching. I really can't imagine a day without this beautiful, sweet, amazing girl in our lives! 

Olivia to this day knows that we love her beyond words and we truly think she is very special; she is! For me, she is the best gift that has ever come into my life, I feel very privileged to be her mom, she is a living angel and a true source of light, happiness & joy.

Happy 6th Birthday My Beautiful Olivia!


Olivia Kate (OK) 6 years old March 10, 2014


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