May 21, 2015


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Apricot & Hemp Cradle Cap Care, extremely gentle and healing on the delicate skin condition of cradle cap. View full article →
May 27, 2014


Tawna Hill Baby Review by Victoria Wollf of Glimpse

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March 10, 2014


Why March 10th is Special

Everyone has a day that is particularly special to them, for me that day will forever will be March 10!

On this particular day — a source of light, and joy was brought into this world that changed my life from that day forward in such a magical way. This was the day my sweet, beautiful angel, Olivia was born.

Today, I think back to when James & I discovered the exciting news that I was pregnant — what a thrill it was to have the doctor's confirmation that we were expecting a baby! This joyous news was immediately shared with our families and friends. I do however, also recall the moment when a dark cloud came over us, just 3 months into the pregnancy and left us to wonder if having this baby was going to actually happen...

All I can remember was wanting to know if this baby inside me was going to be okay, that's all I really cared about. No guarantees or assurance came from any of the doctors, they wouldn't know if, or how things might effect the baby through the treatments. There 'could be complications' was one of the regular comments from the fetal medical experts. This made things really hard for myself and my amazing man. We both had our dreaded moments of thinking; are we doing the right thing by continuing with this high risk pregnancy? For me, it was a simple 'yes' I felt so strong with her inside of me - I do know, she gave me the ultimate strength to result in a truly positive outcome for all of us.

There was no doubt, especially during one of the ultrasounds, when she gave us a clear indication that she was okay and happy — this was with an OK hand gesture:) that little O with her thumb and tiny index finger, along with her other little fingers pointing out, ensured us she was doing just fine. The notion of even thinking of what we had to back then is just horrible & gut wrenching. I really can't imagine a day without this beautiful, sweet, amazing girl in our lives! 

Olivia to this day knows that we love her beyond words and we truly think she is very special; she is! For me, she is the best gift that has ever come into my life, I feel very privileged to be her mom, she is a living angel and a true source of light, happiness & joy.

Happy 6th Birthday My Beautiful Olivia!


Olivia Kate (OK) 6 years old March 10, 2014


September 20, 2013


Change of Season Baby Skin Care & Savings!

Fall 2013

Natural Baby Skin Care

How does the change in season affect your baby’s skin?

Babies just like adults are affected by any changes in the weather. As soon as we start to feel the coolness in the air we bring out our warm snugly clothes & turn up the heat. When these changes occur, we also start experiencing dryness in our throats, hair and skin.

How to successfully tackle your baby’s dry skin:

The most important element in dealing with skin dryness is prevention! Being proactive, will allow you to prepare ahead so there is very little impact your little one’s skin. The last thing we want is an uncomfortable baby because of itchy, dry irritated skin, when it can be prevented. Here are some safe & easy steps you can use in order to prevent your baby from having uncomfortable, itchy dry skin for the whole fall/winter season.

Consider having a humidifier in the baby’s room and use it in the evenings. This not only adds moisture into the air but it will undoubtably help baby sleep better and hopefully help ward off any possible colds… It’s also important to keep an even room temperature of between 65 -70˚F or 18 -21˚C . Most baby boutiques have cute temperature devices (I personally love the Gro Egg – it’s super cute and accurate!) and humidifiers.

Good skin care is essential and what you bathe your baby in will either soften & soothe the skin, or if it has chemicals like SLS’s (makes bubbles), it may dry it out. One thing is for sure, when considering any skin care products for baby, use the philosophy less is more. Be conscious and look at the ingredient listings, you should be able to read and pronounce the words on the label… Always use 100% natural products and keep bathing simple, baby’s skin is so delicate we don’t want it to sponge up any toxic and harmful substances. Tawna Hill Baby products are 100% natural and are made free of toxins, parabens and carcinogens. I recommend having two staple THB products on hand, both target irritation and the uncomfortable skin dryness that may occur during the change of season:

THB Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder is a favorite of parents for bathing, it’s extremely gentle and delicate on every skin type – this one product is incredible in the way it calms and offers immediate relief to even the most inflamed skin.
THB Super Smoothie Cream is a star product that immediately hydrates and softens delicate skin offering relief of skin conditions from diaper rash to eczema and everything in between.

Just to recap; prevention is key, look for a humidifier and be sure to use it every night, remember the baby’s room needs to stay a consistent temperature so find a gauge that works. Also, using a couple of key THB natural and safe skin care products will keep the baby’s skin clean, hydrated, soft, and moisturized through the fall/winter months.

*In celebration of Fall 2013 Tawna Hill Baby is offering a special on-line savings of 15% when you apply FallSkin2013 on all THB orders from September 21 - October 5 2013 *


September 12, 2013


Hello Jack - Loves Super Smoothie Cream

Marie Fe Calvo Pierce mommy blogger of Hello Jack reviews Tawna Hill Baby's Super Smoothie Cream! View full article →
August 19, 2013


August 10, 2013


My Summer Success Story of Skin Relief – Natural Baby Skin Care

My Summer Success Story of Skin Relief – Natural Baby Skin Care

Summer is such an amazing time to enjoy with our families & friends. Our babies and children capitalize on this time, enjoying splashing, swimming, exploring and playing on beautiful days the sun is shining. My family, just like many others loves spending time in the sun, yet when we do, we usually try to stay close to a source of water for immediate relief from the heat.

My sweet little girl (5 years old), was having the time of her life with her best little buddy, playing close to the shore on a beautiful lake we love visiting in the summer. The two girls decided to explore a little island which they happened to name after themselves,’ Brelivia’… The intrigue and enjoyment of this island for them, was that they could walk to it and wade in the water with their life jackets on and still be above water. What seemed to be an innocent, fun and sweet adventure for these two little friends, resulted in a sincere nightmare for them both and especially for my daughter (photos below). Unknowingly the girls favorite “new” island, was also a favorite ‘retreat’ for some Canadian Geese families, and happens to be a breeding ground for and lead to, a nasty and very uncomfortable encounter of something called “Swimmer’s Itch.”

The dreaded Swimmer’s Itch…
Swimmers Itch develops in warm shallow waters, where microscopic parasites live in the blood of water birds, such as in our case, Geese. These parasites have eggs which leave infected birds through their feces, the eggs then hatch and release free swimming microscopic larvae. The larvae then infect a certain type of snail, which in turn release a different microscopic larvae. These larvae swim and search for birds or mammals to attach on to, in order to continue their life cycle. Luckily, humans are not a successful host for these larvae and they are unable to survive once they burrow into a humans flesh. They do end up dying, but not without having left their presence known by causing an allergic reaction to their unknowing victim(s)…


Swimmer’s Itch

A person who has been inflicted by Swimmer’s Itch will experience extremely itchy skin that burns and tingles, followed by little red bumps and then red dots which can sometimes turn into blisters.

Sadly our little one’s didn’t dry off after visiting ‘their’ island, which has now been renamed by the girls “itchy island”.

In my daughter’s case, the itchiness came out intensely and was intolerable for her. Immediately I searched for something to absorb the pain of the itching, as we were at our friends cabin, I unfortunately did not have on hand my Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (I’ll never make that mistake again), so I just put her in a bath with baking soda to help ease the itch. Thankfully, I did have Super Smoothie Cream with me, so I applied a thin layer in the effected areas which helped sooth the itching, then I had her put on long cotton pants to keep her from thinking about it. When we arrived back home, she said she felt really itchy again. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what her legs looked like! I quickly started a luke warm bath for her and added a good 4 tablespoons of my Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder and had her soak in the milky water for a good 30 minutes. Out of the bath the itchiness was relieved but the red “polka dots” my daughter called them, were very prominent. We followed up by applying a light layer of Comfy-Soft Talc Free Powder. Next, I warmed up the Super Smoothie Cream in my finger tips and tapped it lightly onto the skin and finished off with a light misting of the Hydra-Mist Spray which offered her cooling relief. I repeated this routine twice a day for 3 days and we finally had success at eliminating the “itch”, in our lives!

Below is our 3 day progress of using the THB method (above) in order to eliminate my daughter’s case of the itch

Day 1 after the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (no itchiness reported, but still red)

Day 1 after the Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder (no itchiness but still red)

Day two following our above routine less redness & the spots are fading

Day 2 following our above method we had less redness & the spots started fading

Day three we have success with most of the spots having disappeared!

Day 3 we have success! most of the red “polka dots” have faded and disappeared

July 23, 2013


INsects! Mosquitoes: How to Cope with these little BUGS with Natural Baby Skincare

INsects! Mosquitoes: How to cope with these little BUGS naturally

Do you ever wonder why certain insects are so attracted to YOU?

Some interesting facts you may or may not know about mosquitoes:

    • we are not a food supply for mosquitoes
    • it’s the female mosquitoes which seek us out in order to get a protein to fertilize their eggs
    • red, itchy bumps are the result of a bite; it’s actually an allergic reaction to their saliva
    • 85% of our genetics makes us susceptible to these pests
    • people with high concentrations of cholesterol on the surface of their skin lure them in
    • mosquitoes smell from a distance of up to 50 meters (164 feet)
    • mosquitoes sense movement and heat
    • mosquitoes have receptors on their antennae that detect the carbon dioxide released when we exhale
    • mosquitoes may have a preference blood: type O is apparently the preferred type as studies have shown.
    • mosquitoes have great vision and are attracted to dark colors like black, navy & deep reds
    • mosquitoes love pregnant women, as they exhale 21% more carbon dioxide and are warmer around the belly due to amniotic fluids

What naturally preys on mosquitoes? Mosquitofish, Purple Martin birds, bats, dragonflies, damselflies, frogs and toads, all top the list of the mosquitoes natural predators

These pests are beyond annoying to any living and breathing being. So is there really anything good about mosquitoes? The answer is; regrettably yes… It’s not even a possibility to eradicate them, mosquitoes have been on earth a 100+ million years… They also happen to be a food source for wildlife in the lower level of the food chain. Ultimately, the demise of the mosquito population would have extremely harmful effects on our entire ecosystem.

We can avoid being the recipient of a female mosquito bite, without dousing our babies and family in harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients:

Some Natural Essential Oils that help repel these Summer time pests are:
*Citronella Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
*Lavender Oil
Geranium Oil
*Lemongrass Oil
Cedar Oil
Peppermint Oil

Try these 4 Simple and Easy Steps to Make a Natural Repellant
In a small (4oz) spray bottle combine:
1. 60% with distilled water
2. 30% with witch hazel
3. 10% with essential oil(s) of your choice (approx. 30-40 drops)
4. mix and/or shake well

*Note: *Citronella, *Lavender, and *Lemongrass are safer essential oil choices for the delicate skin on babies and toddlers. Keep in mind for older family members,  Lemon Eucalyptus Oil (not to be used on children under 3 years old) has been proven to be one of the most effective natural repellents for mosquitoes.

Realizing the main culprits are sight, smell & heat when it comes to mosquitoes, it’s important to stay conscious of a couple of things. Avoid wearing dark clothing (blacks, navy and reds), dress in light colors. Also, keep excessive heat and heavy breathing to a minimum to avoid high CO2 releasing levels, by omitting high impact, sweat inducing activities.

Just in case, always have on hand a naturally healing and a safe remedy, to relieve the itching and irritation of bites.  A luke warm bath of  Tawna Hill Baby Milk & Oatmeal Bath Powder will calm the itching and redness  brought on by any bite, follow up with a light application of Super Smoothie Cream to settle the area.

With any luck, using these safe and natural methods to protect yourself & family, you can reduce the chance of the inevitable…

July 02, 2013


Coping With The Heat


The heat of Summer has started to share bright and sunny days with us now, learn some of the top ways to keep your little one(s) comfortable on these hotter days.


Top tips for keeping your kids safe and avoiding heat illness when it’s above 25 degrees:


        • Stay in the shade
        • Drink lots of fluids, snack on homemade popsicles and fresh fruit
        • Wear hats, loose fitting clothing and sunscreen
        • Seek out an air conditioned or cooler location during the hottest times of the day (10 am to 2 pm)
        • Avoid intense activity, or limit it to no more than 15 minutes
        • Know that high humidity and direct sun, especially in very young children such as infants and toddlers, puts them at greater risk of heat exhaustion
    July 02, 2013


    EWG’s 2013 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™

    Every year the Environmental Working Group compiles a list of the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean 15" in order for us all to choose the best options for our families. These lists guide us to shop for and choose the safest produce. When in doubt, chose organic and in season produce.

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